Secret Cycling


Secret Cycling

Think you know the best cycling shortcuts around Navan? Think again! In this post we share our top tips for getting from A to B. But remember: the first rule about Secret Cycling Club is…

… tell everyone!

While there are plans in progress for a dedicated Navan Cycle Network, at present cycling in Navan can be a challenging experience. But fear not, our map of Secret Navan Cycle Routes is here to help! Made up of a mix of different types of routes throughout Navan, they range from the modal filter on Convent Road, to the greenway beside Beaufort College, or shortcuts through housing estates, to the new laneway beside St. Mary’s Park, and much more.

Click ‘open map’ below to see the full map in more detail

While the routes themselves are pretty short, they do allow you to avoid some of the most busiest roads, and link up with what dedicated cycling infrastructure there is, all to make your journey through Navan the fastest it can be! So why not try out one of the new bikes in the new Navan Bike Rental Scheme?

Have we missed any routes? Please do let us know!

The secret greenway on the north bank of the Boyne ramparts linking to Flower Hill; filtered permeability on Convent Road; a shortcut beside OMP football pitch (all photos NCI)

Featured photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

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