Navan Greenways – a view from up high


Navan Greenways – a view from up high

New aerial photo by Tailte Eireann puts the focus on Navan and its greenways

Navan Greenways – click to view bigger. Photo credit: Tailte Eireann / Design: EM Creative

Navan is unique in that it is a town built around not one but two major rivers, at the confluence of the Rivers Boyne and Blackwater. The history and evolution of the town is embedded in the strategic location formed by the joining of the two rivers, and it has evolved ever since. This new aerial photo – taken by Tailte Eireann, used with permission – really captures the distinctive geography of the land.

From the south we can see the mighty River Boyne heading north before turning abruptly to the east, fed by its distributary, the River Blackwater, which flows from the north-west toward the centre of the town. The two rivers are often called ‘the green lungs of Navan’ (h/t Wild About Navan), and it’s clear to see why from this fantastic aerial shot.

The Greenways of Navan

To make the most of the green areas – to protect them and enable people to use and care for them – Navan is in a very fortunate position to have the potential for its own network of greenways. The Boyne Greenway is well known, and long awaited, and plans are finally underway for some of it. The River Parks Concept is a relatively new proposal, derived from the Flowerhill & Abbeylands Urban Design Plan, which aims to create a network of routes along the River Blackwater from Mill Lane, Flowerhill, continuing along to Blackwater Park. To the north, the Boyne Valley to Lakelands Greenway has been a huge success, with even more to come.

Excerpts from the Flowerhill & Abbeylands Urban Design Plan: “Opening this stretch of the River Blackwater would enable Flowerhill and Abbeylands not only to connect with the Town Centre but also connect to the regional river network and Blackwater Park”

In recent decades, Flowerhill has ‘turned its back’ upon the river. After years of neglect, the surrounding green space has become overgrown, littered and an attraction for anti-social behaviour, as such, the ‘asset’ is now both inaccessible and unappealing to explore.

Flowerhill & Abbeylands Urban Design Plan

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