Our curated maps showing:

  • The Cycle Network
  • Our Proposed Improvements
  • Bike Parking Locations
  • Meath Greenways
  • How Far Can I Travel In X Minutes?
  • Speed Limits
  • Mobile Traffic Cameras

Navan Cycle Lanes

We’ve been working on updating the Google Map of Navan’s cycle infrastructure. We have colour coded the routes: blue – lanes currently exists, orange is proposed/planned, yellow are low traffic routes and green are the two proposed greenways (we only marked them to the nearest major intersection; they are planned to run to Kingscourt and Drogheda). Although the NA1 route, running from the Blackwater retail park to Kilcarn Bridge has not been officially confirmed,we have included it as this would be a game changing piece of insfrastructure that would start to piece together what is an incredibly fractured network at present. Along with the Trim Road cycle path, it would facilitate the movement of people between most of the major education, leisure and retail areas of the town.

Our Proposed Improvements

We maintain this list of bite-sized improvements for the Navan area, which includes:

  • Dipped Kerbs – to allow cycle lanes to be accessed
  • Bollards/protection – to keep motor vehicles separate from people on foot or on wheels
  • Permeability – to make it possible to travel between residential areas without using main roads
  • Traffic calming – to limit speeds of motor vehicles and improve safety
  • Bike Parking – to provide secure parking for cycles
  • Other – general improvements

Bike Parking Locations

Meath Greenways

There are three major greenways in various states of planning and completion in County Meath, with the Boyne Valley Greenway running through County Louth for a short section in Drogheda. You can find out more about greenways on our Greenways page:

The Boyne Greenway

The Boyne Valley to Lakelands County Greenway

The map above gives an overview of the Boyne Greenway and the Lakelands Greenway as they currently exist. We will update it as and when progress is made. We have colour coded the sections:

  • Green is for completed sections which are accessible for all types of bikes and cyclists.
  • Yellow is for sections that are accessible by bike but the surfaces are rough in places and a hybrid or mountain bike would be preferential.
  • Purple is for sections that are accessible by foot or intrepid cyclists on mountain bikes.
  • Orange is for sections that are planned and scheduled for completion dependent on funding and other factors.
  • Red is for sections that are very overgrown in parts with largely indiscernible trail. These sections are undergoing a feasibility study and bike access is likely to be a few years away yet.

Cycleway/Greenway Map of Ireland

A map of completed, under construction, planned and potential Greenways and segregated cycleways in Ireland. Imagine what Ireland would be like if even half of this ever came about. Have a look at the potential for Navan. Our town would be a hub, so to speak, in the region where greenways (and blueways) would bring huge economic and social benefits. So much achieved elsewhere, looking forward to seeing the development of Boyne Valley To Lakelands County Greenway and Boyne Greenway.

How Far Can I Travel In X Minutes?

In the below maps, the first overlays the areas of high population density in Navan (in pink) with a cycling distance of 10 minutes from the Market Square (in blue). As you can see, the vast majority of residential areas are within a 10 minute cycle from the town centre. Add 5 more minutes, and everywhere is more than covered, as seen in the 2nd map. With it’s mainly flat terrain, compact centre and a local appetite for cycling as an everyday mode of transport, Navan is a perfect town in which to develop cycling mobility. We are looking forward to progress by Meath County Council to allow more of us to Travel Green as outlined in your Climate Action Strategy.

A 10 Minute Cycle

Over 26,000 people live within a 10 minute cycle of Navan town centre. Imagine what our town would look like if more people felt they could use their bike to get around….

Speed Limits

The speed limits for every county, including Meath, are published on

Direct link: and select Appendix D

Mobile Traffic Cameras

Garda mobile safety cameras are in use across Irish roads. 903 new safety camera zones were brought into effect from 06:00 on Monday 17 February 2020

Source: interactive map on