A group of people with their bikes at Bective Mill cycling

Bike Week 2022: Social Cycle to Bective

17th Century Mill, 21st Century Chill

Over the course of a sunny Sunday morning, Navan Cycling Initiative led an assorted group of people on bikes through the back-roads, lanes and bridges of County Meath..

In their third and final event organised as part of National Bike Week, Navan Cycling Initiative welcomed a group of children, families, parents and grandparents on a tour to one of Meath’s hidden gems, Bective Mill, on the banks of the River Boyne.

Heading out from the Fair Green along the Commons Road, the group rolled through Robinstown and in to the riverside café where they were greeted with a warm welcome of freshly baked home-made scones and gourmet coffees.

While Bective Abbey has attracted many visitors in its 845-year history, Bective Mills is the younger sibling, having been built in the 17th century. Back then, the sight of a group on bicycles might have seemed like witchcraft and gotten them into hot water. Nowadays, the prospect of hot water is much more inviting, with the “hotbox” sauna and hot tub with impressive views of the Boyne.

While the water-wheel at Bective Mill has long since stopped turning, the group now turned back towards home, taking in the rolling hills beside Bellinter House, and back across the River Boyne at the rear of Dalgan Park.

Over a hundred people joined Navan Cycling Initiative during the week, at a range of bike-related events in and around Navan. Our aim is to make cycling in Navan safe, easy and fun. Why not join us?