Cycling to Save the Planet?

One of the goals for Navan Cycling Initiative is to improve our environment. But what does that goal look like? How will we know when it’s been achieved? And for all these long-term goals, how will we know day to day if anything is changing? Is there a way to break down this problem into bite-size pieces?

In this article, I look at greenhouse gas emissions for Ireland, Meath, and finally Navan to try and understand the sources of emissions, and how cycling might form part of the solution.

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Navan 2021

A Place to Go …

… and a Way to Get There

Nobody had COVID in their strategic plan. Yet here it is, and we need to adapt. 

While we’re focused on the cycling journey, we’re also thinking about the destination. Our vision for a significant improvement to the town, while being grounded in what’s shown to be possible.

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